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“Home Sweet Home” Photo Challenge- Post 2

Here are the final photos from the “Home Sweet Home” photo challenge! Enjoy visiting these lovely homes around the world! Also, don’t miss finding out the winner at the end of this post. Thank you so much to everyone who participated!

From Nancy in Niger:

The house from the outside in 2006. We first started fixing it up in 1992.  It had louvered metal windows….no glass, no screen, no air flow.  The floor from the front of the house to the back had a six inch difference (put down a marble in the front and it would roll all the way to the back of the house!)  We ended up with a “split-level”…. kitchen and living room/dining room on one level, then a step down and the two bedrooms and bathroom on another level. The “bathroom” was a drain hole in the wall.  That’s it.  We had to knock the wall out and move it back a few inches and put in plumbing.  Even then you could barely turn around in the bathroom!

There was no kitchen, just a store room.  We knocked a doorway into the storeroom from the living room and put in a kitchen. The first picture is making a kitchen door, and the second picture is of the kitchen in 2006. This is in a village in Niger where we work with SIM.  We lived in this house for 16 years.  We raised our kids in 1,000 sq feet of space and were really sad to move from there in 2008.

From Corinne in Hungary:

Our home in Budapest is in a large multi-family apartment building so we don’t have a yard and “camp-outs” often take place under the “stars” of our ceiling lamp.

From Holly in Cameroon:

Not really a room but my favorite place is our garden. The Lord has really blessed us with a large yard and we just love it, we spend as my time out here as we can. In our old house we only had a little concrete slab as our yard, not much fun for our 3 boys. But since moving we have almost an acre, such a blessing! There are always neighborhood kids over and great for get togethers.

From Liz in Michigan, headed to Honduras:

Right now, we live in camp housing at Camp Barakel in northern Michigan where we serve as missionaries.  One of the things I love about our house is my kitchen.  I really am going to miss it when we move.  I have a space set up with all of my baking supplies right on hand, all my flours, sugars, chocolate, cook books, and band aids within reach.  On the lazy susan below, I have all my measuring cups and spoons, and anything sharp or that could be used to grate things like my finger. I tell people it’s to keep them out of the reach of my toddlers, but really I probably shouldn’t be allowed in there either.  I have two fantastic windows where I can look out the window and watch the deer come to eat my hostas for their dessert.  It’s a sweet place for me, where I can use some of my creative energy while providing a very real service to my family.

From Sarah in Costa Rica:

Our first apartment, in San Jose, Costa Rica, where we went to language school and where we went through all the lessons of culture shock and adjustment.

Our bedroom is my favorite room in our new home in the small town of Atenas.  I love looking out the window at the mountains and volcanoes as I have my devotion times.

And finally, the winner! Chosen at random via is Jessica in Eastern Europe! Check out the pictures of her lovely yard and adorable kids in the first post! Congratulations, Jessica! I’ll be emailing you to see if you’d like your gift certificate from itunes, Snapfish, or Amazon!


“Home Sweet Home” Photo Challenge- Post 1

Welcome to the first of the “Home Sweet Home” photos! I have LOVED seeing everyone’s pictures and hope you do too! There will be two posts, and the winner will be chosen at random and announced at the end of the second post! Enjoy “visiting” each other’s homes!

From Andrea in Mozambique:

“Home Sweet Home”-Our house we are renting in Chimoio, Mozambique

“Wow, that’s bright and ugly.” – What our house looked like when we first moved in. It has been painted and we have different furniture now.

From Phyllis in Ukraine:

The back side of our apartment building

My dream kitchen, the best room in our new home!

From Shilo in Paraguay:

Here’s my favorite spot in our new home!

From Addie in Mukilteo, WA:



This is our current home in Mukilteo WA. We did a lot of remodeling in the first 6 months in order to make our living space more conducive to hosting and entertaining. We have been blessed with a home beyond adequate for our needs, especially since when we moved in we only had an 18 month old daughter. Since moving here we have had two more children, hosted a Japanese exchange student, housed my brother-in-law during a rough time in his life, and hosted various community groups. What began as an investment property we would move out of in a few years has become the home we will probably be in for the foreseeable future (thank you housing market downturn). We are blessed to call this place home and to make it our primary place for ministry!

From Jessica in Eastern Europe:

When we found out we had to move from our flat in Eastern Europe, we were so disappointed.  But then we found this gem and moved on Jan 1st.  We have a single family home (an absolute rarity in this city of monster former communist apartment buildings or multi-family homes) with our own yard!  The kids are having so much playing outside more often, we’re able to have more guests over, and I’m enjoying trying to love my yard into being pretty.

Feel free to ask questions and leave encouraging comments for the ladies who have shared their photos today!

Don’t Forget!

Just a few more days left to send in your photos in for the “Home Sweet Home” photo challenge! Please send them to me at by the 29th of June (I’ll wait for the date to pass in all time zones to be fair).  Just for fun, here are a couple more examples from our first home in Russia:

Day #1  in our flat (thus the exploding suitcases). I liked to call the style of this apartment “death by patterns.”

This was taken several months later. My loving husband took down the largest of the “wall rugs” in this room and bought me a solid beige carpet for Christmas! I learned that I am quite sensitive to visual over-stimulation and felt so much more peaceful with the patterns tamed a bit!

(Post by: Ashley)

Photo Challenge: Home Sweet Home

(The entry to our first apartment in Russia, where I remember experiencing every emotion of culture shock and adjustment.)

We talk a lot here about our various homes. Our home on the field, the “home” or home town that we left when we headed overseas and that we return to on furloughs, and our eternal home in heaven as well. For this photo challenge, I wanted to give everyone the chance to “invite everyone over” by sharing a photo or two of your home (overseas or in the US, depending on where you live)! It can be a picture of a favorite room, the front of your home, a place that evokes strong memories, a culturally unique aspect of your home, or of a place in your community where you feel most at home. Pretty much anything goes!

(The kitchen of our 2nd apartment, and a place where I have connected with God perhaps the most deeply during my entire time overseas.)

Please send your photos to, along with a caption (including you location), by June28th! Please also leave the address to your blog if you would like me to link back to you. The winner (chosen at random….there is no competition for the “best” home) will receive a $15  gift certificate to their choice of either itunes, Snapfish , or Amazon! I can’t wait to see the  homes that you’ve been blessed with!

(The playground at our 2nd home; a place where I spent much time playing with my kids, met and spent hours with a dear friend of mine, where our community gathered every evening… a place that I miss very much.)

(Our bedroom in our current home. This is the prettiest and brightest room that I think I’ve ever had, and one of the most relaxing as well. A gift that I’ve truly enjoyed.)

(Post by: Ashley)

Christmas Around the World!- Post 1

The photo challenge is here! Thank you all so much for the wonderful pictures! It is so fun to get to see glimpses of how each of you celebrated this joyous season. Please enjoy the photos and be sure to stop by each other’s blogs to get to know more about you friends here!

From Laura serving in Mozambique:

Laura and some of her 32 boys in their new Christmas outfits. (Laura works with orphans and lovingly serves as “Mom” to these dear boys.)

Ready for Christmas dinner!

From Teresa serving in Swaziland: 

Christmas just isn’t the same anymore with 4 teenagers!

From Summur who is raising support to work with Gospel for Asia:

A tree inside the house?!

From Natinha serving in Brazil:

Natinha and daughter Hannah in front of a Christmas tree for their Christmas services this year, in Palmas, Tocantins, Brazil

Hannah sitting on Santa’s  (Papai Noel’s) lap.  (Taken in Brasilia, Brazil)

From Vicky serving in San Diego:

How we dress for Christmas in San Diego:)

I hope you enjoyed these wonderful photos! Check back this week for post #2 and #3 of the “Christmas Around the World Photo Challenge”  and to find out the winner of the Russian nesting doll! Be sure to leave these ladies some nice words about their lovely pictures!

A Break And Something To Look Forward To

Hello Mom Friends,

I just wanted to let you know that I’ll be taking a brief break from this blog as our family is in the midst of a busy week and will be headed out of town for most of next week. If you happen to stop by here and don’t find anything new to read, perhaps spend those few extra minutes praying for fellow moms around the world!

Secondly I wanted to let you know that I will be announcing the 2nd Missionary Moms Photo Challenge when I return! The last one was so much fun. I hope many of you participate this time too! Here are the links to the “Kids and Culture Photo Challenge” posts just in case you’d like to enjoy those again.

Kids and Culture: Part 1

Kids and Culture: Part 2

Kids and Culture: Part 3

God bless and have wonderful week!

Kids and Culture: Part 2

Time for more “Kids and Culture!” I hope you all had a wonderful Easter! We are just beginning our celebration of Easter this week (Orthodox calendar, though we are not Orthodox) and I am very much looking forward to this week of reflection. I wanted to get the second post up for you all. I hope you are enjoying seeing little snapshots of each others lives!

From Ginger in Poland:




(All 3 beautiful photos are of Ginger’s children and their friends)

From Heidi in Asia:


Daniel, Hadassah, and Sarah, with kids at a Confucius temple

From Crystal in Swaziland:

chapmans-boys-at-madonsaCrystal’s older kids with some of the kids that they work with at Children’s Cup Carepoints for orphans and vulnerable kids

From Jan in Mexico:

hueytlalpanJan’s kids having fun playing with one of the local kids!

From Janice in Niger:

dcam0078Janice’s daughter’s first day of school

Check back soon for the last “Kids and Culture” post! (I decided that I am going to make fewer longer posts rather than a bunch of shorter ones just because it is so fun to see so many different cultures all side by side. Beautiful!)

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