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Online Resources For You!

Today I wanted to share a list of sites that I think will be very encouraging to you as missionary moms. You may know of a lot of them already, but hopefully there are some new and encouraging things for you here.  Click the icons to be taken directly to each page. Enjoy!


Missionary Women is a new site started by Jami serving in Ulan-Ude, Siberia. She is a dear friend of our family and has an amazing heart and passion for loving God, loving her family, and loving the lost. I think you will be very blessed by here wisdom and creativity!


This is another wonderful and fairly new site that was started up by Ana, a loving missionary mommy in Brazil. There are several women who contribute to this site, and each of them have some great things to share. It is great place for missionary moms, and all moms alike! Check this site out for encouragement, fun recipes, homeschooling tips, and more!

WOTHI am guessing that most of you women have hopefully heard about this fantastic ministry. It is a ministry dedicated to serving and encouraging women in cross-cultural service. Check out their site to sign up for their online magazine, join an online Bible study, and hear about their amazing expense-paid retreats for missionary women, among other things.

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Coffee Girl Confessions is the blog featured on the Women of the Harvest site. It is fun, encouraging, heartfelt, and honest. Come to read about all sorts of experiences that missionary women face on the field.


Families In Global Transition is a site dedicated to resourcing families overseas to help them have a positive international experience. The resources and articles part of their page is  a gold mine of helpful information on topics such as intercultural issues, family mobility issues, information regarding third culture kids, challenges, benefits, and strategies for cross-cultural living… It is a great site with resources by people highly educated on the subject.


This site is a great resource about navigating life overseas. It isn’t a Christian site, but it has some great resources and opportunities to connect with other expats in the areas that you live. There are articles and resources about moving internationally, language learning, international education, visas… lots of stuff!


TCK World (Third Culture Kid World) is a place that both parents and kids can learn about what it means to be a Third Culture Kid. This site also has opportunities for TCKs to connect with one another through TCK forums. The site is currenty being re-constructed, so not everything that it offers is accessible at the moment, but it should be up and running soon. The forums are open and there are still some great articles available.


Barnabas International is all about “providing pastoral care to missionaries, MKs, global servants and their families.” They have some great retreats devoted to MKs and re-entry, etc., and have an online magazine called “Encouragement.”

Do you know of any good sites out there that you would like to recommend? Please share!


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