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Keeping the Bridge Strong

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In my last post we were speaking about keeping in touch with family and using the resources that we have handy to make them part of our daily life.

Today I want to concentrate on some other services that can help you maintain contact with not only your family but also friends and supporters.

Let’s Talk “Newsletters” 

During the first few months of our Missionary journey, my husband and I wrote a simple email once in a while, telling friends and family the “exciting” and interesting news. I can calculate that during the first year we only sent 3 or 4 Newsletters.

One day while reading an email from a fellow-missionary friend I felt embarrassed… he not only had a beautiful Newsletter format in a PDF document but he really walked us through the experiences and trials that he was facing. Since that day on I decided to make an extra effort –  giving people all the information that they need along with some interesting facts didn’t hurt, it actually benefited us all and they got to understand a little better how  life was on this side of the world and we had the privilege of keeping relationships so close that we could barely feel a difference when saw them face to face again.

Our way of updating people has been in constant evolution, we went from a simple email to more interesting ones all adorned with funny moments, words in the language where we were serving and stories of people that we were making relationships with.

Then, we began sending PDF’S, I used programs like Publisher and Microsoft Paint and then uploaded them to SCRIBD (I’m sure most of you are familiar with those).

Soon, Facebook and a whole wave of Social Networking sites were knocking at our door and I decided I was going to make the best of them… It worked out pretty nicely, except as I expected, all these things where taking a big chunk out of my days.

While all these things happened I also had a personal blog that was updated regularly and our Newsletter was sent in private emails because it contained  Bank Account information, photos and some very personal stories.

Just a few months ago I decided to separate my personal blog that I use for various different purposes from our  “Missions Blog” which is now private – This was the best and wisest decision, I realized because for all the things I was already sending, people needed to have Internet Service and all those emails and attachments and having to uploaded and downloaded and saved to the computer was a real fuss… People (even family) usually took over 15 days to reply to emails, and to be honest I can understand why.

We soon went from this

To this

A blog condenses all the work and the time that you put into these beautiful Newsletters and the best part is that just as the Newsletters you can decide to keep them public or private.

Why does having a blog makes such a different?

1.  You have one steady design, you don’t have to make shapes, change colors or struggle with choosing material that can fit into one single page.

2.  You don’t have to upload it to any other services with enough capacity to hold a file that size.

3. You can have direct links on your sidebar such as Account information, Newsrolls, Web Photo Albums and more.

4.  The receivers don’t need to worry about downloading, opening attachments and the best thing is that you won’t have emails bouncing because someone’s inbox is full.

5.  A blog is easy to manipulate, you can update it regularly and that way keep people informed of all your stories, prayers needed and they can submerge into this wonderful missionary experience along with you with just one click.

So I guess, I am encouraging you to take a peek at the Blogging World, if you haven’t already, and  give it a chance – you as well as all  the other moms that are already hooked to it, might find it fun and interesting.

Psssst! If you are convinced that Blogging will make a big difference in the way you  send your news, I recommend you use Blogger, it is user-friendly and easy to customize.

Before I let you go, could you please answers the following survey?… I’d like to know in what ways I could help you the best.

Do you have Newsletter stories that you’d like to share? Is it easy for you to keep in touch with family, friends and supporters? Do you have any suggestions?

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