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Great printable freebie!


In my post “Keep In Touch” I mentioned a fun Dr. Suess book called “MyBook About Me” that your kids can fill out and send to grandparents, aunts, uncles, friends, etc. as a fun way to keep in touch. It is great, but of course hard to find overseas and therefore would require some planning to obtain. I just found a great online site that has a cute,  free, printable book called “All About Me!” There is a girl version and a boy version. I look forward to filling them out for us to keep and for family too. Also, there is a permanent link to the site “” in the sidebar and there are TONS of other fun printable items there. Enjoy!


23 questions to ask you kids

School Girl Raising Her Hand to Answer a Question by Nina Leen
A few weeks ago I was searching online for various activities to do with my kids and I came across a great list of fun questions for parents to ask their children for the sake of knowing them even better. I love getting to know people by asking them questions, and I liked how this list had some unique and fun questions that might help you learn things about your kids that you don’t already know, not to mention that would be fun for your kids to answer. It is also just a good jump start to making you own list of questions or just getting in the habit on your own of asking interesting questions. The questions on this list are good for a range of ages.  Here are a few sample questions, and the list itself is available to be downloaded in the “downloads” box to the right of this post under the section labeled “categories.”

-What do you think Heaven looks like?

-What is the nicest thing I ever did for you?

-If you could be in a movie that you have already seen, which one would it b? Would you be a character already in the movie, or would you be one that you would add?

-How is love different for Christian couples than it is in the movies?

-When you pray, how do you picture God?

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