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One Missionary Mom’s Creative Idea to Bless You!


Heidi from Moms, Ministry, and More has a fabulous idea to help bless and serve other missionaries! She is collecting items from missionaries around the world to raffle off next month in a big event hosted on her blog with the goal raising funds to bless other missionaries who raise their own support.

Support raising is HARD work, as many of you know, and Heidi, who is fully supported by her organization and is not doing this in any way to raise funds for herself, has the heart to come along side other missionaries to bless them.  What a wonderful and incredibly thoughtful and generous ministry!

If you are a missionary who raises their own support and would like to contribute a raffle item from you host country and thus be one of the missionaries supported through this event,  please email Heidi at: to let her know that you would like to join in! If you do choose to be a part of this event, you will simply pick out an item for the raffle and send a picture of it to Heidi. When the raffle is over, you will mail the item to the winner of your specific item.

Heidi, thank you so much for you kind heart and desire to bless your fellow missionary friends. This is a wonderful ministry!


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