Oasis Part 2: Home as an Oasis

As we continue on the topic of oasis, I wanted to jump to the next to the concept of our homes as an oasis.  This is an idea that I honestly had never thought much about until a few years ago while reading some wise women bloggers talk about the same topic. I wish I could say that since then I’ve mastered the idea of “home as an oasis,” but honestly I’m still very much learning and growing in this area. I thought I’d share some of the things that inspire me as I learn, in hopes that they may inspire you.

Basically the idea of home as an oasis is based on the fact that though we often have little control over the atmosphere or situations that we encounter outside of our homes, inside as homemakers, we have the chance to create an atmosphere and space that can provide refuge for our families from the surrounding storms. Often the world around can be difficult and perhaps even hostile, and that feeling take its toll. Whether it be struggles with language, foreign worldviews, a society littered with pornography, an unfriendly culture,  or anything else, we often need a place to find rest and restoration in order to regain strength to be able to face those storms day after day.

By suggesting that we seek to make our homes an oasis, I am not at all saying that we should strive for the perfect Better Homes and Gardens style home. Much more importantly than physical appearance we should strive to keep the Prince of Peace as the central focus of our homes.  This should be the starting point and primary focus for us when we are thinking of how we can make our homes more of an oasis. Are we focused on Christ and are we leading the rest of our family to focus on Him?

Next we should focus attention on seeking peace in relationship with our husband and children. How are we doing at loving and serving our husband? Do our words and modes of communication promote peace? How are we doing at lovingly training our children with consistency so that we can have peace in our relationships with them?

Next we can give time and energy to maintaining the appearance inside of our home that our family finds refreshing. I doubt anyone is going to come to me for advice on interior decor, but one thing that I have found that greatly adds to my sense of peace at home is reducing clutter. Each person will have their own thing that really gives them a sense of visual peace, but for me, reducing clutter reduces stress.

Another great thing to keep in mind about creating oasis in our homes is not only how it can bless our families, but how it can contribute to our ministries as well. Whether just your husband, or you and your husband are regularly participating in ministry outside of your home, if your home is a restful and restorative oasis, your family will be able to step out the door and into your ministry feeling strengthened and refreshed. There will be more energy for loving, and serving, and giving, thus spending time making your home an oasis is actually contributing to the furthering of the Great Commission!

Here are some post that may help as you consider your home as a peaceful oasis:

Making Your Home a Haven– This was a month-long challenge, but even though it is passed, the ideas are things that you could do at any time.

What does a peaceful home feel like? Are you peaceful? Does your home promote peace?

Establish Routines for a Simple Home

‘Shepherding a Child’s Heart’ Online Conference–  messages given by Ted Tripp for helping to create peace in our relationships with our children through formative instruction, vision, and discipline. Start with this message.

6 Tips for Getting Organized– Many of you probably know Tsh’s blog “Simple Mom.” She has tons of great tips for getting organized. She also wrote a great book called Organized Simplicity available on Amazon (Kindle edition available)

When you think of your home as an oasis, what does this look like to you?

(Post by: Ashley)


2 Responses to “Oasis Part 2: Home as an Oasis”

  1. 1 Laura at Pruning Princesses March 28, 2012 at 1:46 am

    Thank you so much. I am struggling in this area of life right now and these links are awesome!

  2. 2 Ashley L March 28, 2012 at 3:54 am

    And had I scheduled this correctly, I would have had time to come back and do my re-read and edit, but alas, gotta love technology (paired with my not-so-technological mind)! I was planning to add a little blurb in there about how the reality of life with kiddos almost definitely means that our “oasis” is probably not going to be all that quiet and often times will be pretty messy. I hope the word “oasis” and the visions it can conjure up don’t distract us from what we are striving for. I think it is very possible to have a home that that provides rest and restoration even amidst the loudness and mess of normal family life. This of course will be a very different rest than you’d find during a day at the spa! =)

    Laura, I am so glad that you like the links! I’m praying for you today and can totally relate! This is a challenging area for me, especially at this stage of life. I love how we don’t have to do everything at once though, but can take small steps here and there toward greater peace at home. I’m praying for God to lead you toward the little and doable things that you can do to create more oasis at home! You can pray the same for me if you think of it! =)

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