Making time with God

God greatly desires relationship with us and for us to continually acknowledge and experience His presence. We need His love, encouragement, and instruction and to be filled by His Spirit in order to succeed each day in what He has called us to do! How do we do this when the duties of motherhood don’t really come a with a whole lot of spare time or freedom from interruption? Here are some of my ideas, but what I’d really love is if you could share your wisdom and ideas in the comments! Let’s encourage each other to make our relationship with the Lord of utmost importance and priority!

1) Pray or listen to sermons while doing laundry or dishes- One of my dear friends here has a collection of little spiral note-pads by her sink, and on each page she has different prayer requests. Some are for our team, some are for our ministry, some for family, some for friends… She spends her dish washing time praying through those requests.  Another thing that I love to do sometimes is to listen to sermons on my computer as I do the dishes.

2) Listen to the Bible in the car or on headphones as you walk if you’re traveling alone- There is really something amazing about listening to God’s word!  I have heard many people say that it is good to engage as many of our senses as possible when learning, as it aids in understanding and retention. This is true for study of the word! If you haven’t already, I think you will be surprised at the little nuances that you pick up while listening that you might not catch as easily while reading. You may also find that you remember it even more easily! (And as a quick note, you can listen to the Bible for free at . I’ve been listening to the ESV version, also during dish time, and though I don’t really love the narration style, I still find that I get a lot out of it!)

3) Memorize scripture with your kids– Find verses that you would like to memorize that you can also teach to your kids! It is so great for  both us and for our children to store up God’s word in our hearts, and it is more fun to do together! One thing my daughter and I like to do is choose a verse and then draw a picture or make a craft that goes along with it. Again, engaging with the word through various means helps with memorization.

4) Pray or meditate on scripture as you wait- If there is a place where you often find yourself waiting, either in line, or for a child to get out of a lesson, etc, (living in a former soviet country, the post office immediately springs to my mind!), perhaps designate that time as a time for prayer meditating on memorized scripture.

5) Listen to praise music at home– You can be busy at home doing pretty much anything, but the words of worship songs can serve to edify you and the rest of your family throughout the day.

6) Post scripture around your home- I have seen many beautiful pieces of art lately where people have incorporated scripture into their home decor. Whether it be something artistic in a frame, or simply a verse on a note-card on your bathroom mirror, having scripture around your home gives you opportunities to reflect on scripture all throughout the day.

7) Set aside time when the kids are sleeping or are otherwise independently occupied where you will make a habit of reading the Bible and praying- This is not really an easy thing to just squeeze in wherever, but we simply need to be spending time in the word each day!  Other “needs” should come after our need to be with God, and though it is often easiest to push to the edges of our schedule, meeting with God and being in His word is the most vital of tasks. We cannot live and continue to walk in the power of the Holy Spirit without this source of strength, truth and communion with the Lord! I was recently reminded that if you do something each day for 7 weeks, it is more likely to form a habit. If you struggle with making consistent time for study of the word, pray and make a commitment to read your Bible and pray every day at about the same time for 7 weeks and see if it doesn’t become much more of a habit after that time!

Ok, like I said, those are a few ideas, but I’d really love to hear other things that work for you! Please share your ideas!

(Post by: Ashley)


4 Responses to “Making time with God”

  1. 1 Shilo December 3, 2011 at 3:53 pm

    I don’t really have any additional ideas but I do absolutely love to listen to Scripture while I work in the kitchen! I like to see how much of it I can say along with it.
    One of the challenges of having a routine time with the Lord for me is that about the time you figure out your child’s routine, they change. 🙂 I used to have my time with the Lord during nap time but now my youngest is not needing naps and I know more changes are on the way with a third arriving in March. So first thing in the morning is best for me but I’m so thankful our God is not an “all or nothing” God and that He longs to commune with us throughout the day, just like you mentioned.
    I was thinking about this the other day and how Abraham was called the friend of God (James 2:23). He didn’t have Scripture to meditate on, but He knew God. That’s what I long for as I go through my life, to have a friendship with my God.
    Great post. I look forward to hearing from the other ladies!

  2. 2 Laura from Pruning Princesses December 3, 2011 at 8:09 pm

    My girls are bigger now and in elementary school. During the school year, finding time alone in prayer and the Word isn’t that hard. When they were younger, I remember a mom of four telling me that she always gave herself extended time on the toilet, where she kept a little devotional. In some seasons of life, our focused time with the Lord will be brief, but God can use those little moments. It is a great time in life to learn to pray continuously, give thanks in all circumstances, and be joyful always. Sometimes I think those kids devotionals ministered more to my spirit than they did to my girls. Another tip: regular computer or phone prayer times with another mom, who understands interruptions! This practice, when it has worked out, has been a huge blessing for me.

  3. 3 richelle December 4, 2011 at 2:13 pm

    I make a conscious effort to have a running conversation with the Lord all day long – thanking Him for things, sharing frustrations, asking Him questions and then giving myself some time for silence as I work to think – that helps me to feel like He really is right there all day long.

    I find being part of an accountability group – be it online, in person, via email, etc., very beneficial – particularly when it has been my turn to lead. Volunteering to lead devotions at the school where I teach, leading ladies’ Bible study – all help me to be more accountable. I can’t give out if I’m not placing myself in a position to receive.

    Weekly accountability/prayer time with a friend is also good – she’s not shy about asking me what I’m learning. We also have some friends who are with the Adventist church – Friday night begins their Sabbath and we’ll get together with them to have our own praise and worship times – truly blessed times enjoying friends, fellowship and the presence of our Lord together.

    And – I’m a firm believer in Christmas music year round – always gets me to meditating on my Savior.

  4. 4 Phyllis December 4, 2011 at 6:15 pm

    I’ve been having a hard time with this lately, because, like Shilo said, you get used to a routine… and then it changes. The latest changes for me have been hard to recover from.

    What works best for me is listening to a podcast called Daily Audio Bible. I love it! It goes through the whole Bible every year. This is my second year, and I haven’t stayed caught up this year, but I listen as I can, and so I do hear some of the Word every day.

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