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Silent, Holy, Calm, Bright

“Silent night, holy night. All is calm. All is bright!”

As Christmas songs play throughout the day, each song brings reminders of the various ingredients of our Christmas celebration. Songs of joy, anticipation, reflection, praise… The other day as I was making lunch, “Silent Night” was playing softly in the background. In the midst of the busyness of getting lunch on the table and preparing a meal for our ministry event that evening, I was struck by four key words in the first verse. Silent. Holy. Calm. Bright.

Those four things are some of what I desire for my own family this Christmas. Life is going to be busy as we travel and celebrate and do so many exciting things, but I crave moments of figurative silence for us all to come together away from the noise of everything else clanging around us trying to distract us from truly focusing on Jesus. I desire this season to be holy, not simply fun and festive. Presents and all of the fun traditions are wonderful, but I pray that the holiness of this season is not choked out amidst those things. Calm. How do we achieve such a thing in the midst of life with 3 little kids, international travel, and holiday upon holiday? Like the figurative silence that I pray for, we are striving for calm by trying not to get caught up in doing, doing, doing, and going, going, going, but rather keeping things simple and clearing our schedule for the things that truly matter. Bright. May this season shine brightly as we strive to keep Christ kept at the center! Even the dark days of northern Russia are not enough to dim the light of Christ and the brilliance of His miraculous birth!

So, as we’ve been reflecting on what we want this season to look like for our family, I’ve decided to slow down a bit.  One thing that means for me is taking a break from Missionary Moms.

We will be traveling back to the States for about a month and then will be attending a conference on our way back to Russia, so I’d expect that things will get going here again in February. If you use a reader, go ahead and add Missionary Moms if you haven’t already to find out when things get going again. I look forward to seeing you all in the new year!

Have a merry Christ-filled Christmas season!


What are some things that you are hoping to characterize your Christmas season this year?


At The Fruit Stand

(Jami originally posted this on her family blog, and it was just to funny and classic not to re-post. I thought many of you moms would likely relate to such circumstances! Thank you, Jami!)

When our family traveled all over the city for medical tests for our residency, I thought, “Great! I can have Ella weighed!” She’s been having a lot of difficulty eating, so we have had concerns about her growth. But at one clinic they said we had to take her to another clinic across town. And when we got there, the wait was HOURS long. We actually waited for a couple of hours because we needed a medical card to take to the tuberculosis clinic. But then they closed the doors at 5:00 and sent everyone home. All to say, I don’t know how anyone could actually wait it out at a clinic to have their baby weighed. So I took Ella to our local fruit stand. And Ella squiggled. And we don’t know exactly how much she weighs. But I don’t think she’s lost weight. And I think we’re not supposed to worry!

Do you have any similar stories about getting creative by necessity?

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