Tuesday Topic: Being a Help-mate

From Kara: What has God taught you about being a help-mate to your husband?

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1 Response to “Tuesday Topic: Being a Help-mate”

  1. 1 Ashley L. November 16, 2010 at 8:40 pm

    This is something that I feel like I learn more and more about with every year and every new stage/transition in life, but I still have so much to learn!

    Since moving overseas, I feel like I have seen much more clearly how God has created us to depend on one another. I love the chance to see the value in my role as a helper specifically in creating a home that is an oasis and a place where my husband can recharge after often being battered by a rough language, foreign culture, and a difficult ministry.

    Over the years I feel like I’ve also seen how God uses our complimentary strengths as a blessing to one another. I see more and more how God gifted me in specific ways so that I could be a blessing and help specifically to my own husband. I used to get frustrated sometimes when I felt like certain responsibilities fell to me because they came more easily to me than to my husband. I used to wrongfully think that since he was the leader of our family that he should be able to do those things just as well as I could, if not better, and therefore should do at least half of that work (I am sure it applied to other areas but I usually felt frustrated about being the “administrator” in the family). In recent years I’ve come to see that by doing many of those things that come more naturally to me, I free my husband up use his own strengths more freely. I love the fact that I can be the one to do some of the more detail oriented stuff, which I
    often enjoy, and leave my husband more time and space to be the visionary that God made him to be.

    Also, understanding this role of helper I feel has helped me to pray more. The more I understand about being a helper in a spiritual sense, the more I desire to be a woman who prays earnestly for my husband.

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