Tuesday Topic: Finding Your New Niche

From Heidi: Have you found your niche in the ministry God has called you to? Have you ever considered “Where is my place in this culture?” In the States I was a nurse and naturally thrived in anything dealing with efficiency and organization.  In our church in the States I loved to participate and serve in behind-the-scenes ministries that utilized my natural and spiritual gifts. We are now living in a rural third world setting and, although my gifts are utilized daily as I homeschool my children, I find that I struggle to see how I can use these natural gifts in our ministry. Organization and efficiency aren’t part of the culture here at all. Spontaneity is what its all about!

Have you found a way to use your natural and/or spiritual gifts in a satisfying way in your host culture? Was “who you were” in the States similar to “who you are” now? Have you made a conscious effort to develop new ways of serving or has it come naturally over time? Do you have any words of encouragement for those who struggle to find their niche?

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2 Responses to “Tuesday Topic: Finding Your New Niche”

  1. 1 Ashley L. October 26, 2010 at 5:48 pm

    Ironically, even before you sent in this question I was thinking of something similar. I was thinking of how in my pre-kid life I found that my giftings were easily used in ministry, but now that my life is more homeward oriented, it seems that those skills are largely on hold or focused in an entirely different direction. Like you, things like organization and administration are ways that I thrive. I definitely have had to consciously develop new ways of serving, and often the service opportunities that work best with my lifestyle are not things that flow out of my natural strengths. For example, hospitality is something that works very well with family life, but is an area where I’ve really had to learn and grow as it is not a natural talent of mine. I enjoy it, but I have a lot to learn! It really has been a blessing though, because rather than just further strengthening my strengths (which is also a good thing), I am having a chance to develop new skills to use to serve God with. These things may not be my natural giftings, but I am thankful for the chances to get better at things and kind of round out what I am capable of, through God’s strength. I do find it more tiring though to be serving more often out of weakness than out of my strengths, but hopefully as I grow it will become easier. I a not sure if that is 100% helpful, but I do trust that as you both find unique ways to use your gifts as well as continue to grow in new skills, both you and those that you minister to will be blessed!

  2. 2 Phyllis October 27, 2010 at 6:55 am

    Good question! Even though I sometimes struggle with the fact that my ministry is “only” home and family, this is what I was made for. This is what I love.

    I also think that I’m gifted in the area of teaching. I’m homeschooling my own children this year, and loving it. I’ve also been able to teach Sunday school, which is the first “real ministry” I’ve been involved in for years. So, in that, I’ve found my natural niche. I do get frustrated that I can’t focus on it like I would like to, but I enjoy what I can do.

    As far as using my gifts in this culture and who I was before…that’s really hard to know. I have spent my whole adult life here. I’m sure it’s shaped me a lot, but I naturally fit in here, too.

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