A New Contributor!

I am so excited to introduce you to our newest contributor! Actually, if you often read the comments here, you have likely been blessed already by the wisdom and experience that she has to share. Richelle is a blessed mother of eight who lives and serves in ministry in Niger. I have so often been blessed by what Richelle has shared and have been so encouraged by her faith in the Lord that I am absolutely thrilled that she has agreed to share more with here us by becoming a regular contributor.

Richelle’s first post will be up tomorrow, so be sure to check back! In the meantime, feel free to visit her blog “Our ‘Wright’-ing Pad.” Also, I have already added her to our contributors’ page here, but I wanted to included her bio below as well so she can introduce herself to you in her own words.

Richelle, we are so excited to hear the things that that the Lord puts on your heart to share with us!

Howdy! I can’t tell you how excited and delighted I am for the invitation to become a contributor to “Missionary Moms,” because, simply put, that’s just what I am: a missionary wife and mom who strives to love and follow Jesus with my whole heart. He IS my One and Only Savior! There’s nothing better than being married to my best friend, my fellow adventurer and explorer in raising our 8 marvelous gifts from God on the backside of the desert. In addition to baking bread and doing loads of laundry (my two favorite household chores – seriously!), I write scripts for children’s radio programs and teach lots – my kids at home, ladies’ bible studies at church, swimming and water polo at the MK school, special education and effective teaching strategies, whenever and where ever. Spare time is reserved for blogging, scrapbooking, reading and learning a third language. I’ve often stopped by “Missionary Moms” for ideas and encouragement and hope, in God’s grace and strength, to give back just a little of what I’ve received.


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