“Home Sweet Home” Photo Challenge- Post 2

Here are the final photos from the “Home Sweet Home” photo challenge! Enjoy visiting these lovely homes around the world! Also, don’t miss finding out the winner at the end of this post. Thank you so much to everyone who participated!

From Nancy in Niger:

The house from the outside in 2006. We first started fixing it up in 1992.  It had louvered metal windows….no glass, no screen, no air flow.  The floor from the front of the house to the back had a six inch difference (put down a marble in the front and it would roll all the way to the back of the house!)  We ended up with a “split-level”…. kitchen and living room/dining room on one level, then a step down and the two bedrooms and bathroom on another level. The “bathroom” was a drain hole in the wall.  That’s it.  We had to knock the wall out and move it back a few inches and put in plumbing.  Even then you could barely turn around in the bathroom!

There was no kitchen, just a store room.  We knocked a doorway into the storeroom from the living room and put in a kitchen. The first picture is making a kitchen door, and the second picture is of the kitchen in 2006. This is in a village in Niger where we work with SIM.  We lived in this house for 16 years.  We raised our kids in 1,000 sq feet of space and were really sad to move from there in 2008.

From Corinne in Hungary:

Our home in Budapest is in a large multi-family apartment building so we don’t have a yard and “camp-outs” often take place under the “stars” of our ceiling lamp.

From Holly in Cameroon:

Not really a room but my favorite place is our garden. The Lord has really blessed us with a large yard and we just love it, we spend as my time out here as we can. In our old house we only had a little concrete slab as our yard, not much fun for our 3 boys. But since moving we have almost an acre, such a blessing! There are always neighborhood kids over and great for get togethers.

From Liz in Michigan, headed to Honduras:

Right now, we live in camp housing at Camp Barakel in northern Michigan where we serve as missionaries.  One of the things I love about our house is my kitchen.  I really am going to miss it when we move.  I have a space set up with all of my baking supplies right on hand, all my flours, sugars, chocolate, cook books, and band aids within reach.  On the lazy susan below, I have all my measuring cups and spoons, and anything sharp or that could be used to grate things like my finger. I tell people it’s to keep them out of the reach of my toddlers, but really I probably shouldn’t be allowed in there either.  I have two fantastic windows where I can look out the window and watch the deer come to eat my hostas for their dessert.  It’s a sweet place for me, where I can use some of my creative energy while providing a very real service to my family.

From Sarah in Costa Rica:

Our first apartment, in San Jose, Costa Rica, where we went to language school and where we went through all the lessons of culture shock and adjustment.

Our bedroom is my favorite room in our new home in the small town of Atenas.  I love looking out the window at the mountains and volcanoes as I have my devotion times.

And finally, the winner! Chosen at random via random.org is Jessica in Eastern Europe! Check out the pictures of her lovely yard and adorable kids in the first post! Congratulations, Jessica! I’ll be emailing you to see if you’d like your gift certificate from itunes, Snapfish, or Amazon!


1 Response to ““Home Sweet Home” Photo Challenge- Post 2”

  1. 1 Addie July 6, 2010 at 8:28 pm

    Congrats Jessica and thanks to Ashley for hosting this fun challenge! I loved seeing all your homes.

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