“Home Sweet Home” Photo Challenge- Post 1

Welcome to the first of the “Home Sweet Home” photos! I have LOVED seeing everyone’s pictures and hope you do too! There will be two posts, and the winner will be chosen at random and announced at the end of the second post! Enjoy “visiting” each other’s homes!

From Andrea in Mozambique:

“Home Sweet Home”-Our house we are renting in Chimoio, Mozambique

“Wow, that’s bright and ugly.” – What our house looked like when we first moved in. It has been painted and we have different furniture now.

From Phyllis in Ukraine:

The back side of our apartment building

My dream kitchen, the best room in our new home!

From Shilo in Paraguay:

Here’s my favorite spot in our new home!

From Addie in Mukilteo, WA:



This is our current home in Mukilteo WA. We did a lot of remodeling in the first 6 months in order to make our living space more conducive to hosting and entertaining. We have been blessed with a home beyond adequate for our needs, especially since when we moved in we only had an 18 month old daughter. Since moving here we have had two more children, hosted a Japanese exchange student, housed my brother-in-law during a rough time in his life, and hosted various community groups. What began as an investment property we would move out of in a few years has become the home we will probably be in for the foreseeable future (thank you housing market downturn). We are blessed to call this place home and to make it our primary place for ministry!

From Jessica in Eastern Europe:

When we found out we had to move from our flat in Eastern Europe, we were so disappointed.  But then we found this gem and moved on Jan 1st.  We have a single family home (an absolute rarity in this city of monster former communist apartment buildings or multi-family homes) with our own yard!  The kids are having so much playing outside more often, we’re able to have more guests over, and I’m enjoying trying to love my yard into being pretty.

Feel free to ask questions and leave encouraging comments for the ladies who have shared their photos today!


3 Responses to ““Home Sweet Home” Photo Challenge- Post 1”

  1. 1 Nancy DeValve July 1, 2010 at 12:32 pm

    Very fun post. It would be fun to visit in person!!

  2. 2 Liz July 1, 2010 at 2:18 pm

    Phyllis, what a sweet space! I love all the light!

  3. 3 Summur Braley July 1, 2010 at 8:44 pm

    Wow, everyone has done an amazing job redoing their homes. Praise the Lord for bigger kitchens, not so bright walls, and yards to run free!!!!!!

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