Ribbon Weave Tutorial- Use Ribbon to Dress Up Your Table

I am always on the lookout for decorating ideas for special occasions. My two requirements are: Does it use items which are commonly available to me living abroad? And is it affordable? I find many of the fabulous ideas out there don’t make the cut because they are either hard to implement without access to fully stocked craft store or are cost prohibitive.

That’s why I absolutely love this idea. You can find ribbon almost anywhere in the world and usually it is reasonably affordable.

photo: marthastewartweddings.com

The hardest part of this project is figuring out how much ribbon you will need in each color. After that, it’s a breeze!

1. Choose your color scheme.

2. Put your tablecloth on the table. Then decide how far you want the ribbon to fall from the edge of the table.

3. Measure the length of your desired look. Multiply this number by the amount of times you plan to use the ribbon length wise.

For instance, in the picture above, the green ribbon is used twice down the middle of the table. Imagine the table is six feet long and you want a six inch drop on each side. That’s seven feet.

7 ft. x 2 times = 14 ft.

4. Measure the width of your desired look. Multiply this number by the amount of times you plan to use the ribbon width wise.

Going back to Martha’s picture, the green ribbon is draped four times across the width of the table. Let’s imagine the table is three feet across and you want a six inch drop on each side. That’s four feet.

4 ft. x 4 times = 16 ft.

5. Add the total length and the total width of the ribbon.

14 ft length + 16 ft width = 30 feet of green ribbon

6. Determine how many times you will use each of the additional colors. Complete steps three through five to determine the total yardage you will need for each color. This will go quickly since you already know your width and length!

7. Buy, weave, make your guests feel valued and loved.

Buy: If you are able, buying ribbon in differing widths adds more interest to the look. If you can’t, who cares! It still looks great!

Weave: For the actual weaving process, I laid all the lengths first, then weaved in all the widths. You may want to have some push pins handy to some of the ribbon if you have curious little hands around or if you expect a breeze.

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, I imagine many of you are finalizing the details, including décor, for special ministry events surrounding that day. Whether you use this idea or just tuck it away for the future, I hope it will encourage you to see that no matter where you live, no matter your budget, there is ALWAYS a way to make your family and friends feel loved by adding a touch of beauty!

(Post by: Shilo)


1 Response to “Ribbon Weave Tutorial- Use Ribbon to Dress Up Your Table”

  1. 1 RebeccaC April 22, 2010 at 7:39 pm

    Beautiful idea!!! We love to decorate around here but, like you said, Michael’s craft store is a bit far away!

    I was thinking that we would struggle here with the curious hands you mentioned. My suggestion off the top of my head is to throw a clear plastic tablecloth over the top. That would be a little more involved though. Better to use it as a “teachable moment”, eh?! ;^)

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