How to Post Larger Pictures on Blogger

(Some more great help from Ana to make your blogs fabulous! Check out her blog and you’ll agree that she knows how to make things lovely! ~Ashley)

Blogger (in draft) has a new option to post XLarge images. They are about 550px wide (this is the easy way to go).

There’s another option which takes a bit more time but allows you to post bigger images, I’ll try to explain both in detail.

1. Log in to draft.blogger

2. Click on the image icon and a new menu will be displayed.

3. That menu will give you 2 options:
1) To browse your computer for the picture
2) To paste the image link
Basically #1 allows you to upload a picture from your computer and then resize it to blogger’s major capacity which is about 550-600px wide.
#2 Is more time consuming but allows you to post larger pictures, the only inconvenience is that after you add the link you need to resize your pictures to fit your post area.
(Upload through Blogger)
1. Browse your computer and add your image – to add more than one go to ADD ANOTHER IMAGE and it will open more browsing bars.
2. Blogger will upload a medium-size image  by default – in order to change the size hover your pointer over the picture and click just once. By doing that you will open a small menu that will show either under or over the photo with the sizes available, click on X-Large.
3. The picture will immediately change size 🙂
(Uploading through an image hosting site like: flickr, photo bucket, tinyurl…)
1. You need to upload the image to the site of your choice, most of them give you a menu that displays all the image codes, the one you will need is “direct link” or “photo url”copy that link.
2. Paste it on the blogger option that reads ” Or paste a web address here”
3. This will display a new option when you click over the picture “original size” –  click on that one.
4. Now, usually good quality images are bigger than 1000px which means that the photo will probably be too big for your post area – make sure you post big images and align them to the center which is another option that shows on the menu along with the image sizes.
5. Changing this is easy but time consuming – in order to change the size you need to double click on the picture until the selection lines appear around it – like it’s shown on the image above, place your pointer over one of the white squares in the corners and drag the picture until it’s the size you need.
While you drag the picture you will see a square with changing numbers in the corners, which could be on the top or bottom of the picture – it will tell you how many pixels your picture has, you need to match that to you post area size or less.

Now, I’d like to know how many of you play the photographer role at home?  – Do you embellish pictures with any specific program?

(Post by: Ana)

1 Response to “How to Post Larger Pictures on Blogger”

  1. 1 //Sub/Corpus November 27, 2010 at 12:32 am

    helpful article …
    thank you …
    landed on this page when i was searching for a way to control the size of the image when emailing pics to to blogger …
    any help ?

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