Calling Out For Help


One thing that I hope I never get tired of is hearing my sweet little son and daughter calling out, “Mommy!” in the middle of the night. Of course I don’t enjoy getting woken up from my much needed sleep, and I never hope for my children to have bad dreams or in any other way be uncomfortable or scared as they rest, but there is something so amazingly wonderful about knowing that even in a state of sleepy half-consciousness, our children’s first response when in need is to call out in a loud voice, “Mommy!” or “Daddy!” with full confidence that we can make everything right.

I’ve been thinking of this as my little 2 year old boy has done this a few times lately, and have been thinking about my own responses when I find myself scared, or stressed, or in any other way in need of help. Is my first almost unconscious reflex to call out to my Heavenly Father for help? Am I so fully confident in His ability to meet my every need and to comfort my every hurt that I immediately turn to Him without looking elsewhere first?

When our little toddlers call out “Mommy!”, often I don’t think they have an exact idea in their mind about what it is that they want for us to do. They just know that they are sad or scared, and Mommy will come quickly to their comfort. They know that they don’t have to take time to explain the problem and provide possible solutions, but rather they know that their loving parents will come to them right away, find out what is wrong, and meet their need and comfort them.  Even if it is just a bad dream that is done and gone once they wake up, Mommy is always there to be a loving comfort.

I love the accounts in scripture when the children are brought to Jesus.  (Mark 10:13-16 and Luke 18:15-17) They and their parents likely didn’t have the chance in the midst of the crowd to articulate what blessing or perhaps healing they hoped to receive from Jesus, but they knew that being close to Him was blessing enough. Do we have that same view of Jesus in our own lives and needs? When we call out to Him and draw near to Him, do we trust that to be enough?

God, I pray that you would continue to turn my heart toward you and that my first response in any time of need would be to call out your name and to trust You to be close to me, to know my need, and to help me. Thank you Lord for giving us children and the chance to see glimpses of your character through the gift of motherhood. Amen.

What is your first response when you are in need of help, large or small? Is your first instinct to call out to God, or do you often end up looking elsewhere first? Feel free to share in the comments or to just think about this on your own. I know that my desire is to always call out to God first, but I also see how often I can fail and go looking unsuccessfully for help and comfort elsewhere. God please help me always look to You first!

(Post by: Ashley)


4 Responses to “Calling Out For Help”

  1. 1 Ana October 15, 2009 at 6:54 am

    Lovely post, I love the comparison and the reminder, I sometimes forget to call to Jesus before looking for the answer in my own strength and abilities… I also want to always come to Him to be comforted and loved.

    Thank you Ashley!

  2. 2 Addie October 15, 2009 at 3:50 pm

    Thank you for this reminder Ashley! I so often want to cry out to Jesus but something gets in the way. It gives a new meaning to “having faith like a child.”

  3. 3 Kara October 17, 2009 at 9:29 pm

    My praise is that God never turns over and buries his head under the pillow when I cry out. Though I know I’m supposed to reflect his heart… my real reflex is to groan when my kids call for me. But now my second thought will be thanksgiving that God is so different from me! Maybe that will be enough to propel me to their room with a good attitude.

    And I love that our daughters have exactly the same bed 🙂

  4. 4 Susan October 18, 2009 at 12:19 am

    I LOVE that we can Call on God at any time…He is our refuge and strength, a very present help in times of trouble!!

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