Meet The New Contributors!

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The day has finally come to begin introducing you to some of the new contributors! I am so excited! I picked each one of these women for very special reasons, and first and foremost because the love God and are faithfully serving Him and have much to share that I think will be an encouragement and help to us all. I am soon adding a new tab titled “contributors” where you will be able to see pictures and read little snippet about each writer. I’ll tell you a bit about each one here as well.

Debby Thompson– Debby has served as a missionary in Eastern Europe for over 30 years and is the wife of the former director of affairs of Campus Crusade for Christ in Eastern Europe and Russia. They just recently transitioned out of this role at the beginning of September and are following the Lord as he leads them into their next phase of life and ministry. They have had a tremendous influence on many thousands of lives, and I personally have been blessed and inspired by Debby’s amazing heart to see mothers thrive in overseas ministry. She has a passion for the gospel, is a wonderfully loving mother,  and has years of wisdom and experience raising children overseas. She even gave birth in a Polish hospital under communism! This woman is amazing!

Addie Gerlach- Addie is such an inspiration to me! She loves the Lord and is faithful to follow Him in whatever way He leads her. God has led Addie to begin the joyful journey of homeschooling. She has a wonderful heart and much creativity to share. I know that a number of you moms are also homeschooling or may consider it at some point, so I thought her experience would likely be a very enjoyed addition to the site. Specifically for you moms of pre-schoolers, Addie has some fantastic activities! We’ve done home pre-school a bit and she is my best source of ideas!

(I hope to soon have some women sharing about other wonderful schooling options as well.  National school, missionary school, international school… We’re weighing all of the options right now, as I expect many of you are, so hopefully we’ll collect some great perspectives to help guide us as we choose the best fit for our families. I’m on the look out for some more writers!)

Jami Gustafson- Jami is a dear friend and an amazing missionary mommy, but she is humble and won’t tell you that herself, so I’ll say it here! She lives and serves in ministry with SEND International in Siberia with her husband and sweet little girl. She has such a beautiful servant’s heart. I want to be like Jami! She has a wealth of wisdom and a joyful and encouraging spirit about her, and I think you will come away with much inspiration to love the Lord and love your neighbor as yourself after getting to know Jami here at Missionary Moms. I am particularly excited for us all to be encouraged by her in how to love people and serve in our communities.

Vickie LaClare- Vickie is one of the staff in charge of language learning for the overseas staff of Campus Crusade for Christ. I personally benefited greatly from her wisdom and training as we prepared to head overseas. She has a wealth of wisdom and some great resources to help you grasp the languages of your host country. She has volunteered to help with a language learning post from time to time, and I am so looking forward to it! Knowing how language helps us connect deeply to the hearts of those that we minister to, Vickie’s ministry has such a profound influence on the lives of many worldwide. May your language skills grow and be blessed by what she has to share!

(Also, I may still introduce you to one or more wonderful ladies who have encouragement to offer in this area as well!)

Amie C.- Amie is one of the most amazing moms that I know. She is loving, diligent, committed, and one of the things that I admire most about her is that she is a wonderful steward of the resources that God has entrusted her with. She is generous with what she has and makes an effort to live frugally in order to bless others. Seeing that many missionaries are on a tight budget, and as we should all desire to be good stewards of the financial blessings that God has given us, I have asked Amie to share with us on the topic of living frugally. She has some fantastic money saving tips, great make-it-yourself ideas, wonderful recipes, and more. You will be blessed!

Ana Degenaar- Ana is a loving and exceptionally talented missionary momma in Brazil. She has a beautiful heart to love and serve her family and loves to encourage other moms on the journey of motherhood as well. Not only is she a wonderful mother, but this lady has some serious technical skill when it comes to web design! One of the things that I have invited Ana to share about with us is on the topic of blogging as a way to connect with family, friends, and supporters back “home,” as well as how you can use it as a fabulous forum for ministry! Especially in today’s world, the internet is an incredible resource.

I also will of course continue to keep posting as much as always as it is such a joy for me to relate with all of you here! I am so excited also to have some others pouring wisdom and encouragement into this site in order to make it a greater resource. I hope you enjoy what is in store!

(***Some contributors may not be joining in right away due to some major life transitions, but they’ll be joining us when all is settled! )

Feel free to leave these ladies a little “hello” or “welcome” in the comments!


2 Responses to “Meet The New Contributors!”

  1. 1 Kelly September 17, 2009 at 11:48 am

    Welcome! It is such a joy to open our arms and welcome more friends into the fellowship! I am a new missionary raising funds for our first term, and am excited to have this resource literally at my fingertips! I am truly grateful for the ways this site fills a huge gap online! I will be praying that God gels this team and uses each of you to speak to our hearts at just the right moment!

  2. 2 montyandmarie September 17, 2009 at 5:43 pm

    How fun! I can’t wait to “meet” and get to know more about these Godly ladies and learn from them!

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