Being Transplanted

potted plant

As I’ve mentioned our family’s recent move a number of times, I’ve heard from many of you who are also in a similar time of transition. Many of your families are transitioning back to the field after furloughs, and I’ve also gotten to “meet” several of you who are soon headed overseas for the first time.

I was thinking back to an analogy and exercise that we did at our cross-cultural training program before we headed overseas. We had the task of transplanting a flower from one pot to another. We talked about the process as we did it and related it to the experience of moving overseas. I think it is actually relevant to any move or situation when you transplant your life from one circumstance to another.

The process of re-potting a plant is a messy one. It involves digging up a plant that is happily settled, untangling and trying not to damage roots, then there is resettling the plant and supporting it appropriately, and finally giving the plant water, food, and sunlight, etc. The process may be initially jarring and stressful for the plant, but with a careful and caring gardener, the result is that the plant is put in a new environment in which to thrive and grow.

The process of moving overseas is also one of digging up roots and planting them in a new place. It is one that will be jarring and stressful at times, for sure.  Thankfully it is God who ordains and carefully watches over these transitions, and who provides the support and gentle care that we need. In a sense He is in the process of “re-potting” us with the intent of providing us a place where over time we will be able to grow and flourish.

Are you in the midst of a time of transition, or will you soon be moving overseas? How are you feeling about being “re-potted?” If you been “transplanted” in the past and are now thriving and growing, do you have one encouragement, scripture, or piece of advice to offer others in the midst transition?


1 Response to “Being Transplanted”

  1. 1 Susan September 16, 2009 at 6:58 pm

    Definetly hard about missionary life. I heard someone say that missionaries were like hanging plants…there roots could only grow so deep, before they would have to be transplanted somewhere else. Sigh.

    I have loved the verses in Psalms, “Lord, YOU have been our dwelling place, from generation to generation, You are our God.”

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