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A quick hello!

Hello again!

I just wanted to write a quick note before our family packs up and heads back to Russia after our time here in the US comes to a close. I appreciated all of your thoughts and comments on the last post. God has continued to teach me more about the topic of knowing my capacity and living in a way that humbly accepts that and honors God. This is such a hard lesson for me to get through my head! I am praying that you also continue to experience both God’s grace and His leading as you live out of the capacity that He has blessed you with.

Like I have been most of the summer, I’ll be away from this blog for awhile longer. When I make it back, hopefully in September, I look forward to starting with some new things here that will draw more from the knowledge of other women raising their families and serving God worldwide!

God bless and I am praying for you!



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