Make-It-Yourself: Travel Items for Kids

travel bag

There is a nice market out there for products designed to make travel with children easier. These ideas are genius and I am always excited when I hear of new products in this realm. There are two problems with many of these items though.  1) They are expensive, and 2) they are often difficult to find overseas, depending on your location. Here are some make-it-yourself alternatives!

M.I.Y Potty-topper- This is a great item to have throughout potty-training and toddlerhood when visits to less than ideal bathrooms are frequent. Rather than buying 10 for $5, if you can even find them, make your own out of waxed paper. You might need to tape two pieces together to make it wide enough, but it is easy and cheap.  Make a big rectangle, cut a hole in the middle, and voila! Test the first draft on you toilet at home for size. You could even make it U-shaped since most little kids only sit on the very front part of the seat.  You can hold it onto the potty with tape or a sticker if you want.

On-the-go dish soap wipes- We got a box of these awesome “pre-soaped” disposable dish rags that were wonderful for cleaning bottles, pacifiers, sippy cups  and the like in airports and such. You can easily make something similar by adding squirts of dish soap to  sturdy paper towels and sealing them in a plastic bag.

Disposable baby spoons- There are a number of “toss or save” sorts of utensils on the American baby product market, but in my opinion they are way too nice (a.k.a expensive) to toss.  Sometimes you can find disposable sugar spoons for coffee that are way cheaper and about the same size if you are looking for disposable.

Stand-in pacifier clip- If your child loses theirs and you are desperate, why not attach a piece of sturdy ribbon  to a diaper pin and tie it to the binky? Two safety points: 1)make sure it is shorter than the distance around your baby’s neck. 2) only use a real diaper pin that has a locking feature. If you are crafty you could probably devise a cuter clip than most on the market by exploring “classier” clip options and stylish ribbon designs.

Recycled formula dispenser- My son was a bottle baby for the second half of his infanthood and I quickly learned that traveling with all of that bottle gear is a pain! I loved our Avent formula dispenser cup with the nice little spout that was small enough to pour into a bottle without making a mess.  Much easier than a ziplock bag! You could achieve this same thing by recycling a small-ish pill container, depending on the size of the mouth of the bottles you use and the size of the pill container.

Take n’ Toss changing pads– Again, waxed paper is your friend.

Home-made disposable leak-proof  odor-free diapers- Just kidding!

Do you have any money-saving mom-saving items that you toss in your bag for travel? Any ideas of things we can make for ourselves to save on time, stress, and money?


1 Response to “Make-It-Yourself: Travel Items for Kids”

  1. 1 Ana June 19, 2009 at 1:53 am

    You have some really great ideas! I love them all, I’m taking notes, or rather, printing this page. Thank you and many many blessings!

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