Biblical and Cultural Community: Part 3

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The last posts on community has to do with evaluating our host cultures in light of our own worldviews, in order to hopefully encourage us towards a more Biblical and culturally relevant view and experience in community.

Here are some practical questions to think about as we try to evaluate this aspect of life and strive to become Biblical Christians who are cultural insiders:

In my host culture, what does it look like to be a part of the community? What are the expectations or normal practices of each member of the community? How am I doing at fitting in? Are there things as a believer that I should stand up for or against?

How does the body of Christ function in my culture? Is this what I am used to? If it is difficult for me, why is that?

What values are held most highly within the community? Time spent? Sharing meals? Respecting one another’s schedule? Helping one another?…. How can I bless people by knowing these values?

On the scale of breadth and depth with regards to relationships, what relationship values does my culture have? Do people have many friends continually coming in and out of their lives, or do people generally just have a few very close friends? How should I approach friendships taking into account both what the Bible teaches and how the culture functions?

What does it mean to be a friend in this culture? Does the word “friend” mean the same thing in this culture as it does to me? What do my friends and the people that I minister to need from me to feel loved and cared for?

If the community in my culture is very different than my understanding of community, what things must I do in order to become a more integrated part of the community? How should I organize my life and time in light of these differences? What values (as long as they are Biblical) do I know of that I can as God to help me grow in to become more of an insider?

What barriers are there that might make it difficult for me to become an insider? How should I be praying about this? What can I do?

In what ways does community in my culture look like community in the Bible? How can I personally, or how can my ministry encourage believers even more towards Biblical community?

I hope those might be helpful to you in some way! I am very much thinking through these things right now as our family prepares to move to a new city in Russia and as we hope to structure our lives from the beginning in a way that would allow us to be the best witness in our community as possible.

As always, I love it when you share your advice and personal experiences, so please feel invited to share any thoughts or other questions that would be helpful for us to think through!


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  1. 1 Missionary Moms May 30, 2009 at 10:38 pm

    For all who are interested, Monday’s topic will be “Created to Worship!” Have a blessed weekend!

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