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Pile of Old and Dusty Red and Black Books
As moms who love God, we must know our theology. I’ve been so grateful for our home church in Seattle that continually urges mothers to know their Bibles and theology well so that they can raise children with a firm understanding of the truth, as well as speak truth and light to others around them. Like I mentioned in a previous post, motherhood is an unmatched opportunity to shape the next generation, a privilege and honor that we should not take lightly, and part of that is  making sure we are knowledgeable and able to teach  our children well.

I think all of us would agree on this topic, but the potential breakdown often comes when we try to fit all of our priorities neatly into our packed schedules. Of course none of us would debate the necessity of personal times with God in the word and prayer, but at least for me, I have found that theological study can fall by the wayside in the midst of a diaper changing, meal preparing, hospitality practicing, husband loving, child rearing, sometimes sleeping….schedule. In my opinion, having a deeper knowledge of God through theological study and understanding is part of a healthy relationship with Him though, and is worth working to maintain. I don’t mean that we need to charge through tomes of thickly bound books or be reading the Bible in its original languages (but more power to you if you have that ability and opportunity), but simply to have a growing understanding of God, His character, His plan and purpose, our relationship to Him, etc.

As I write this I am not claiming in any way to be an expert theologian, but partly as an encouragement to myself as I try to continue striving in this area. Here are some hopefully mom-friendly ideas for keeping theological study as a regular and enjoyable part life:

1) Have a plan: Consider what you want to study based on questions you have, areas that you lack knowledge, what will be useful, and what you find interesting. Write a list and collect resources. Set aside regular times that are specifically for you to study.

2) Make it Accessible: If it isn’t easy to access or put in  a place that you will be reminded of it, you may not get around to it. Have a stack of books out next to where you plan to do your reading, bookmark online resources in a specific folder on your toolbar, etc.

3) Keep it Interesting: There are endless numbers of theological topics. Why not find what you like and read it! I have found that study usually has to fit into my personal free time. If I am interested in what I am reading and create an enjoyable environment, it is a joy!

4) Consider Applicability: In a time of life when there isn’t a load of free time, it can be helpful to just go with the most relevant and applicible topics to your current situation. This for me are things like Biblical womanhood, raising children, the knowability of God (a hot topic in our ministry), and the nature of God.

5) Search the Internet: As moms overseas often without immediate access to a library or bookstore with English books, this is key. There are so many amazing resources out there! Be cautious to know if the site is reputable or not, of course, but there are so many books, articles, sermons, etc. that are available free of charge thanks to the internet and godly people who desire to give people free access to resources that will draw them closer to God.

Here are a few online resources that I like:

Desiring God: God-centered resources from the ministry of John Piper

The Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood

itunes– you think I am joking, but often you can find sermons from a number of great pastors that you can download for free.

Online Christian Library of Virtual Theological Resources this represents a variety of theological backgrounds– If you happen to be on the side of reformed theology, there are a lot of resources here.

What are your thoughts about theology and motherhood? Do you have any helpful resources that you enjoy and would like to recommend? Has this been an easy or difficult area for you to continue growing in since becoming a mother? Thank you for sharing!

As a brief disclaimer, I know that this site draws women from a large scope of Christian backgrounds and that there is diversity among us as far as theological beliefs. I generally post resources that I personally have found helpful and they may represent my theological viewpoints at times. Feel free to disagree with me or disregard things that I suggest, as the main point of this blog is community and sharing common joys, struggles, interests, etc. As with any of us, I have my own convictions, persuasions, and opinions as far as theology is concerned, but as long as we agree on the main points of salvation, the trinity, and the other essential doctrines, we can happily enjoy fellowship with one another, regardless of our theological differences.

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2 Responses to “Mom the Theologian”

  1. 1 Jungle Mom May 11, 2009 at 1:20 am

    This is a wonderful post! One thing I learned is that we are teaching at all times. We better recognize that fact and be prepared to give account for what we are teaching our children for they are surely learning something from us, be it good or bad.

  1. 1 Anonymous Trackback on May 9, 2009 at 11:06 pm

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