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We made it!


I just wanted to write a quick hello to say thank you so much for your prayers! We had by far the best travel experience ever this time around. The kids were great on all 3 legs of the trip, and our night’s stay in Frankfurt mid-way made all the difference.

I have heard people pray for “travel mercies” before, and honestly as I have thought back on this trip, I know absolutely that it was God’s gift of grace and mercy that things went so well. We have had our fair share of nightmare-ish flights in the past (I’ll save those for another post, because in hindsight they are pretty funny), but this time everything went as well as could possibly be expected. Again, I see this as God’s grace as we’ve had so many other challenges to deal with as we’ve had to say so many difficult goodbyes.

Not only that, but jet-lag has been a relative breeze compared to every other time. Thank you God!

I am still without easy computer access for the next couple of weeks and am not sure if I will have access to photos and such until then, but I do very much look forward to posting more soon!

Until then, if you’ve come across any encouraging articles or blog posts that you think might encourage the other moms here, feel free share what you’ve been reading and put a link to those in the comments!

Take care and God bless!



Moving+Tiredness+Foreign Language=Fun

Well, soon enough I will be back with an actual post. This experience of figuring out how to move everything across the country on short notice while trying to prepare for furlough and say all of our goodbyes has provided some great material for future posts! Thank you to those of you who have prayed for us. The whole experience has gone quite well considering all that has needed to be done. God really has been our strength!

I don’t have time for a usual post, but I had to share with you perhaps my best language blooper of the year.

The other day I went to one of the big supermarkets to ask for boxes. I went up to one of the worker ladies to explain what I needed, which really was a pretty simple request, yet she was absolutely confused. I meant simply to ask her for boxes for moving, but in my tired state of mind I inserted the word “bed” every time I meant to say “box.” The conversation went something like this:

Me: Hello, I was wondering if you gave away free beds for moving?

Lady: I’m sorry, what do you want again?

Me: Beds, you know, for moving. We’re moving across Russia and we need some large beds for storing our things.

Lady: (Seeing that I have my son with me) Do you mean baby beds? For travel?

Me: No! BEDS, like those ones over there (pointing to the cardboard boxes under a display of lawn chairs.)

Lady: (looking exceptionally confused, thinking I meant lawn chairs) Where are you from?

Me: The U.S.

Lady: (Trying to be helpful) Well, here in Russia we usually move our things in large bags.

Me: Well, what do you do if the things are fragile?

Lady: Put them in suitcases, or boxes.

Me: (Finally realizing I had been saying bed the whole time instead of box) OH!! That’s what I meant to say! Was I saying “beds” this whole time? I meant “boxes!”

Lady: (Laughing, but very politely) Yes, and I was so confused because I had never heard of moving beds. Sorry, but no, we do not have boxes.

Ok, now I am off to do some more cleaning of our apartment and packing of our bags! We get on a plane to Seattle in a couple of days and once we are adjusted to life there, I’ll start posting more regularly. Take care!

A major transition…

Dear Missionary Mom Friends,

Like I just was writing about in the “Defining Home” post, our lives as missionary moms are often full of many transitions and many new homes. Just a few days ago we learned that our family is going to need to move to a new city in Russia within the next 10 days. I find it so encouraging that the Lord was already  leading me to think and pray on these things even before we had any idea that there would be a major transition in the near future.

There are a number of reasons, all clearly showing God’s hand in directing us to a new place, but as you can imagine, this is a challenging time for us as we have to say many difficult goodbyes to the people that we love so deeply here, and as we say goodbye to the life that we have grown to love enjoy so much in this place that has become home to us.

I was writing this post to let you know that I will likely be unable to post much if at all for the next several weeks, but I look forward to resuming this blog once we get settled in Seattle for our furlough. I hope perhaps you can enjoy getting to know one another better through your own blogs (leave  a link in the comments if you want to be added and I will have time to add you to the blogroll) in the meantime. God bless each of you and know that I am praying for you!  “See” you soon!


Kids and Culture: Part 3

Here is the last post of your beautiful pictures! Thank you so much to each of you who participated!

From Amanda in Taiwan:

looking-backLooking Back

From Richelle in Niger:

les-trois-amies-rsLes Trois Amies

making-tea-collage-rs1Making Tuareg Tea

From Ana in Costa Rica:

saidiSaidi, age 6,  from the Ngobe Guble Tribe

From Brin in Brazil:

p2140237Play Date in the Amazon

From Patty in Ghana:

careyboatTraveling to a stilt village by boat

careypriscilola1Carey’s best friend, Priscilla

From Rebecca in Mexico:

april-7-2009-minolta-164“Guedito” in charge of the ring pillow at a traditional coming of age birthday party for a 15 year old friend or family member

From Julie in Paraguay:

timmy-terereDrinking tereré, a Paraguayan tea

paraguayan-dancing-girlsParaguayan dancing girls

From Rita in Venezuela:

jaydeJayde wearing her traditional Ye’Kwana face paint

Again, thank you so much for the wonderful pictures! I hope everyone has enjoyed seeing these glimpses of the beauty of God’s creation world-wide!

Kids and Culture: Part 2

Time for more “Kids and Culture!” I hope you all had a wonderful Easter! We are just beginning our celebration of Easter this week (Orthodox calendar, though we are not Orthodox) and I am very much looking forward to this week of reflection. I wanted to get the second post up for you all. I hope you are enjoying seeing little snapshots of each others lives!

From Ginger in Poland:




(All 3 beautiful photos are of Ginger’s children and their friends)

From Heidi in Asia:


Daniel, Hadassah, and Sarah, with kids at a Confucius temple

From Crystal in Swaziland:

chapmans-boys-at-madonsaCrystal’s older kids with some of the kids that they work with at Children’s Cup Carepoints for orphans and vulnerable kids

From Jan in Mexico:

hueytlalpanJan’s kids having fun playing with one of the local kids!

From Janice in Niger:

dcam0078Janice’s daughter’s first day of school

Check back soon for the last “Kids and Culture” post! (I decided that I am going to make fewer longer posts rather than a bunch of shorter ones just because it is so fun to see so many different cultures all side by side. Beautiful!)

Kids and Culture: Part 1

It is finally here! Thank you all so much for your beautiful submissions to the “Kids and Culture” photo challenge. Here is the first of several posts displaying your pictures! I am posting them in the order in which I received them, and I had to limit it to 3 pictures per participant. Sorry if I was unable to post one or two of the great photos that you sent in! Enjoy the beauty of God’s creation displayed in these photos from your life! Also, please enjoy leaving comments for each other and visiting one another’s blogs to see more about each other’s adventure-filled lives serving God!

From Bethany in Malawi:

formissionarymoms2CCAP ladies holding Elijah in their communion dress

dscf0334Eli with village kids of Matapila. The two younger ones are our friends kids.

From Sarah in Indonesia:

airplaneVisiting Daddy at the hangar!

baby-weighingTime for baby’s monthly height/weight check? Just a routine visit to
the neighborhood baby clinic!

marketNatalie helping Mommy pick out fruit at the market in Wamena, Indonesia.

From Jami in Siberia:

totonsledTot on Sled

From Susan in Germany:

picture-166Feeding the deer with German friend (at left) – Germany

From Shilo in Paraguay:

gabe-tribal-boys2Gabe with some tribal boys in Paraguay

Look forward to more “Kids and Culture” posts!!!  I am estimating about 3-4 more!  I will be posting it on either the 12th or 13th as we are out of town on a retreat with our students this weekend.

Also, I realize that most of you will be celebrating Easter this weekend (culturally even Protestants here seem to celebrate Easter on  Orthodox Easter, so we cebrate later).  I wanted to wish you all a great time of reflection and celebration of our Lord JESUS’s death, burial, and resurrection and I pray that you are filled with joy  and gratefullness as you focus on His victory over Satan, sin, and death! He is risen! He is risen indeed!

Praying For One Another

Green and White Flowers I by Cheryl Lee
It is a busy day of house work today, so rather than taking my usual allotted  time to write a post, I am going to get some things done around the house and spend that time praying for you. Will you join me in praying for your fellow missionary moms? Here are some things that we can be praying for each other:

-For a close and growing relationship with the Lord, and that we will be Spirit-filled in all that we do.

-For wisdom in raising our children.

-For balance in our roles as wife, mother, missionary, etc.

-For protection over our families

-For God to use each of us and our families for the sake of the gospel throughout the world

Also, if you have a personal prayer request, please share it! It is a blessing to see the community here growing, and I would love it if we could support one another in prayer through this site as well!

(P.S. Don’t forget to send your submissions in for the photo challenge if you haven’t yet! There are quite a few so far, and they look GREAT! I will be posting multiple posts of your photos beginning on the 10th!)

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