I quit cooking

This week is a crazy one at our house on all fronts. First I am co-leading a semi-important (and somewhat intimidating to me) ministry event that requires both time for prayer and planning. Secondly, we’ve finally hit a point where it is an absolute necessity to do some significant sleep training, if you could call it that, with our 3 year old who is very strong willed and likes to play “Jack-in-the-Box” when it comes to bedtime. She pulls out EVERY excuse imaginable to try to get out of bed (fears, ailments, sudden pangs of hunger, missing stuffed animals, random biting bug visitors, theological questions…). After enough experience sorting through this mass of semi-reasonable requests (reasonable in isolation, that is),  it boils down to the fact that she is just very persuasive and actually is perfectly fine and doesn’t need any of this extra attention. Soooo, we’re in the midst of a few rough nights trying to help our little lass understand that bedtime indeed means bedtime. And on top of that, language learning is getting hard and my brain is starting to reach overload. When that happens the good old brain starts ejecting vocabulary and cases at random, leaving me with a confused jumble of conjugations and adjective endings and an only semi-completed grammatical framework in which to “isporzovat” (use) them. Yes, my brain is fried. Can you relate? I think you probably can!

So, in a tiny effort to steal a few extra moments, I have decided to quit cooking for the rest of the week. Here is what we will be eating:

-The giant pasta salad I just made. That was the last cooking effort. (Pasta, various beans, pesto sauce, tomatoes, green onions, Italian seasoning, pine nuts… should have had chicken, but like I said, I am too tired to get that complicated).

-Hard boiled eggs

-Carrot sticks

-Yogurt with flax seed and wheat germ and/or granola

-Pears, oranges

-Cheese and crackers

-Frozen soup that I made last week

-Probably some extra healthy (ha ha) frozen pizzas, chicken nuggets, and Russian dumplings.

-Ice-cream… a definite must during a week like this.

So, the question of the day is, how do you create extra time in your schedule during busy weeks? Also, can you help me/us with other healthy no-prep food options?

Oh, and in case you wondered how it works out that I am too busy to cook, yet not busy enough to forgoe writing this post, the answer is that it is fun for me, and even in the midst of busy days, I think it is important to have a few minutes worth of fun. It motivates me to know that I even have 5 minutes of leisure to do whatever I choose! On that note though, my 5 minutes is up. Sorry, no pretty picture today! I hope and pray that each of you are having a wonderful week, busy or not, and that you are enjoying God, your family, and your ministry in the midst of it!


4 Responses to “I quit cooking”

  1. 1 Shilo March 31, 2009 at 7:35 pm

    Good for you! We all need a break…especially when learning language!

  2. 2 Katrina March 31, 2009 at 8:08 pm

    Hi Asha~

    I’m glad you’re taking a week off of cooking. Unfortunately, I’m sure you know that I am the least likely person on earth able to provide you with any healthy, minimal prep ideas!

    I am loving your blogs. I check them at lunch time for a nice break, and I’m so proud of you for creating a resource like this that is so supportive for everyone and fulfilling for you 🙂

    Miss you!

  3. 3 amanda wu April 1, 2009 at 9:28 am

    When I have the time, I will double my recipes and make two of the main dish. Nearly everything I make freezes well. Our freezer is stocked with our favorites . . . just defrost and warm up and a homecooked meal is ready quickly. Pair with those carrot sticks or a simple salad and we’re good to go.

    I also like to keep shrimp in my freezer (we live on a tropical island–seafood is CHEAP here)–stir fry shrimp and garlic is the easiest, fastest thing I can make.

    Also, tuna, grilled cheese, or peanut butter sandwiches are quick and easy even if not healthy.

    I also AM LOVING your blogs!!! 🙂 Glad I stumbled onto your site a week or two ago.

  4. 4 K.Genther April 2, 2009 at 3:35 am

    Hey Dearest!
    I am glad you surrendered to cooking for the week! Good for you. I recommend oatmeal, grilled cheese is easy if you can get american bread, quesadilla is also easy and good and you can load it with things that are more healthy. I strongly recommend the good ole “Nap in a Cup” although not for children. How about you ask the kids what they might like to eat for a meal and see what happens. You could introduce the idea of picking a healthy meal and see if the young lass gets it at all. How about breakfest for dinner. You can make scrambled eggs in the microwave!! Just put them in a bowl, mix them up, and zap them for small ~30 sec. bits of time stiring in between. In about 2 min you will have delicious scrambled eggs for the family which you could then melt cheese on and the best is that you do not have to grease the bowl you zap them in at all. Try it! Hang in there! Miss you, but love the blog! Good luck with the monkey and sleeping!

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