A Missionary Mom’s Prayers

Child Kneels in Prayer at Its Mother's Knee
As I raise my kids in a culture that is not my own, and often in circumstances far beyond my control, God has shown me all the more how much I absolutely must depend on Him and come to Him in prayer. I know my tendency has been to feel self-sufficient and in control when in actuality I am not, and this lifestyle has been the perfect recipe for growth.

Here are some things that God has placed on my heart to be praying for my children as we live life here on the field. Please share the unique things that you pray for your kids as well!

-For our kids to love the Lord. Just because we are missionaries doesn’t pre-determine our children’s salvation. They need God’s saving grace and mercy just as much as those to whom we minister, and it is my desire that God would make  us wonderfully effective missionaries to our children’s hearts.

-For our kids to be in the world but not of it. I want our kids to love Russia. I want them to love Russians! I want them to be at home and to feel a part of the culture in which they live, but at the same time, there are so many things about the culture that I don’t want my children to love. I don’t want my daughter dressing like 98% of the women here. I don’t want my son running around painting graffiti and looking at porn at age 10 like I have had to scold little boys in our courtyard for doing. It will be the divine intervention of God that enables my kids to really be a part of this culture, to love it, and to not be swayed away from God because of it. I used to think of missionary life as an escape from this type of influence, but sadly this world is quite depraved, no matter where you go.

-For our kids to learn the language. We all know that third culture kids don’t 100% identify with their host culture or home culture, but communication is one of the most basic needs for cultural adaptation.

-For deep friendships and relationships. I pray that even though our kids are not Russian that they will go through life with good friends and people to relate to. I pray also for the relationships that my husband and I have with our children, that they will always be open and deep and characterized by love and trust. I pray that my children will have deep relationships with their extended family, despite the many miles between us.

-For safety and health. I am so thankful for the health care that we do have here. It is better than what the majority of people throughout history have had, but at the same time, the thought of taking my child to the hospital here terrifies me. Again, this is as much a prayer for protection for my children as it is a prayer for faith for myself.

-For our kids to personally feel called to and feel a part of our ministry. God didn’t just call my husband and I when we came, he called our kids and future kids as well.  I do pray though that our kids would have a strong  vision of how they uniquely and individually are called and fit into the picture of our life in ministry. I know God can and will use them!

-For the future spouses of my kids. I know this isn’t exactly related to living overseas (though it might depending on where they/we are when they are at that age), but I desire for my kids to fall in love with and marry faithful, loving, godly people. I remember my pastor encouraging parents to pray about this for their children.  Since it will absolutely be one of the most shaping aspect of the majority of their life, I want to be faithfully praying for their future in this way.

How about you? What are some other ways that you have felt called to pray for kids?


4 Responses to “A Missionary Mom’s Prayers”

  1. 1 Gina Marie March 21, 2009 at 10:53 am

    I pray often that my kids will enjoy the blessings of being third culture kids, and that we will have wisdom in helping them deal with whatever negative impact there might be. I used to worry that my kids would grow up and be angry with us for making them grow up overseas. Then a wise friend reminded me that God called them to live overseas as much as he called us! So I pray that He will use this experience to shape them and guide them toward Him.

  2. 2 susanmarie March 21, 2009 at 8:29 pm

    Oh this was a great post! =)

    One thing I’ve been praying for my kids is that they’ll see my relationship with Christ as an ATTRACTIVE thing. That it will be something they WANT to have to as they grow older because of what they saw in me and their Dad. That how I live will be consistent with what I teach them…

  3. 3 Jungle Mom March 23, 2009 at 1:36 am

    I always prayed that my kids would also be able to reenter US culture when the time came for school or whatever. I have seen several ATCK’s that seem to be so lost. It is important for our children, and ourselves, to learn that wherever we are, we are God’s Ambassadors and have a purpose for being there.

  4. 4 Richelle Wright March 24, 2009 at 7:23 am

    I pray much of what has already been mentioned above, plus I add:
    *that when my children sin, they will get “caught” and have consequences so that they learn to hate sin and its consequences; that their hearts will break over their own sinfulness and how much it cost the Savior.
    *that eternity will burn in their hearts.
    *that they would love each other and truly become dear friends.
    *that they would grow into adults with true servant hearts.
    *that even though I know we’ll have disagreements and hard times as they grow up, that we keep a spirit of unity.

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