Make-It-Yourself: Toys Part II

Painted Toys Sign on Corrugated Sign
I am continuing to enjoy learning about new cheap/free toys to make from stuff we have around the house, and have seen based on the number daily “clicks” on the previous post on the subject that others are also interested in the same thing. So, here is part two of “Make-It-Yourself: Toys.” Enjoy!

Bean bags- My daughter learned the song “Shake, shake, shake your beanbag” at a library story time during our last time in the US, and still enjoys it! There are all sorts of things you can do with simple home made bean bags. Songs, juggling (for older kids), aiming for a target (one of my daughter’s “pre-school” check list items for coordination), bean-bag-bowling (slide the bean bag down your hall and try to knock pins or other items over, and just simply for playing with without any structure because they feel interesting and are fun.

Pop bottle bowling pins- Fill pop bottles with a bit of water or sand or something to weigh them down, secure the tops with glue, and now you have home-made bowling pins!

Sock and bag puppets- Always entertaining. A fun craft project too.

Musical instruments- Drums out of old coffee cans or Tupperware, shakers (yogurt container filled with rice or beans or change, and with the lid glued/taped securely), tambourines out of plastic or paper plates stapled and taped together and filled with beans, rice, etc. Oh, and the paper towel roll “bugle” (my kids like trumpeting and shouting through a paper towel roll. Usually the entertainment lasts for all of  a few minutes, but it is fun nonetheless).

Classic back-yard volcano- baking soda and food coloring in a bottle, add vinegar and watch it erupt!

Magnifying glass- This isn’t something you make yourself, but that we might overlook as being a very entertaining toy. I  don’t remember where I heard this idea, but I thought it was great. I got little magnifying glass for my daughter for the equivalent of a dollar and she has enjoyed exploring things outside on the ground, around the house, her meals, etc. And of course older kids are likely to figure out how to burn stuff with them.  ( I did this as a kid and thought it was great fun and never set anything on fire that I didn’t intend to).

Also, here are a few sites that I came across that I thought were great and related:

Science-Toy-Maker: This site has all sorts of science experiments and toys and instructions on how to make them.

Make-Baby-Stuff: This site is really great! It has instructions on how to make all sorts of baby toys, clothes, decor, quilts, slings (I love baby-wearing!), bedding, etc.

Free Printable Paper Toys: This site has lots of printable templates for toys, puzzles, and books that you can make for free.

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2 Responses to “Make-It-Yourself: Toys Part II”

  1. 1 Kim W. March 12, 2009 at 8:36 pm

    This is awesome…thanks for all the ideas! We are in need of some new toys and there are a few you listed that would be perfect for their age right now and I’ll keep this in mind as they get older too. I’d love to go out and buy some new ones but toys (at least in the US) are pretty pricey.

  2. 2 Georgina May 2, 2013 at 8:43 pm

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