Medical Resources, Part II

It’s nap time again, so here are the other sites that I was going to mention:

First Aid and Safety for Kids- has a wealth of information on child health. Their page on first aid is particularly helpful. It has information sheets about what to do in case of animal bites, broken bones, burns, dehydration, frostbite, heat-exhaustion and heat stroke, sprains and strains, tic bites…. and LOTS more. It also has CPR instructions. We keep a CPR/Heimlich/first-aid explanation chart on our refrigerator.

Online CPR training- I took a child-infant CPR/first-aid class before heading overseas just to be better prepared in case of an emergency. We have the equivalent of 911, but it is much slower, so this seemed like a critical skill to know. Now you can even take the class online! The adult/child/infant CPR and first-aid class is $65 and you get two weeks to complete it.

Now if only I had a good resource for computer first-aid, I might be able to finish this post. In any case, my computer is not interested in staying connected to the internet, so I am going to call this the end of my medical resources post.


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