A bit of humor for the day

I am hoping that as this site takes shape it will include a wide variety of encouragements and resources, not to mention some humor! To kick that off I thought I’d share my favorite kid story as of late. Please share your own kid story or culture blunder story in the comments for others to enjoy!

My daughter and I were doing some grocery shopping one day, and as I was inspecting the frozen vegetables, she exclaimed “DOGGIE” in a loud voice while reaching out of the cart to pet a woman in a fur coat. Thank goodness it was in English, because the lady didn’t seem to mind!


1 Response to “A bit of humor for the day”

  1. 1 Brin Pflederer February 24, 2009 at 2:29 pm

    many times i have been thankful that the words that tumbled from my children’s mouths were in English. Once our family stopped in at a cemetery to check out a shrine that had recently been placed, We read some of the placards that told of a women you died at a very old age. It spooked our littlest (age 3 at the time) so we left, as we were leaving through the gate a very old lady was sitting on the steps. My daughter pointed and blurted out, “Is that the dead lady?”
    And for a typical MK moment…..after 3 months of furlough,on our flight back to our home in brasil, a flight attendant asked our 6 year old where she was from. She just looked at her puzzled and finally responded “I don’t know.” The flight attendant found that hilarious, but I knew just how my daughter felt. 🙂

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